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About ActionFinder

ActionFinder aims to be a central hub for those interested in the UK Outdoors. We carry news, articles, interviews and reviews for all outdoor activities in all parts of the UK.


Our outdoors magazine is totally different from what you may be used to. Our style is more informal, edgy, humorous in irreverent. When we do interviews we don't ask the same old stars the same boring questions - we ask all types of people in the UK outdoors about their activity, why they like it, and what's great about it. We aim to provide insight into new activities you may not have tried, or even heard of before! Our questions are occasionally wacky and off the wall. This helps to mix things up a bit and get to the guts of a subject.

We have several types of articles, all designed so you can pick and choose what you're interested in. We have news, reviews, personal stories, opinion pieces, editorials and tips 'n' tricks. They are all searchable, and registered users can even save their searches for future use! All articles can be star rated, commented on, and even 'Liked' via Facebook. Each author is a registered user on our site, so you can follow your favourite authors and see what they've been writing lately, or even Friend them on our site.

Ever fancied being an author or reporter?

Anyone can be an author of content on ActionFinder. You can post articles to anyone in the world via our site, for free, or even submit your article for inclusion at the top of the list in our Magazine! Images can be uploaded and YouTube videos linked to, not to mention our rich text editing capabilities.

Social Networking

ActionFinder has its own built in social network. You can register and get all the great benefits of social networking. You can rate, comment on and link to your favourite articles and blogs on the site. Once you've rated a few you will be given personalised suggestions for other articles you may be interested in based upon what others with similar tastes have rated highly. We even have our own Facebook Page and the ability for you to 'Like' the articles you find interesting, and have them appear in your Facebook status feed.

The Future

In the future we hope to give you the ability to Geo tag all content, including places mentioned in articles, reviews, or just places of interest on a map. You will be able to search using a map to find content in or about your area of interest. They could be cafe or campsite reviews, walking routes or just simply car park information. Keep coming back for more exciting new features.

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